Crail Golfing Society 24 February 2021
Crail in Snow

As the snow has finally melted (although the attached picture was taken only last week!) and green grass is once again in evidence, we are all anticipating getting back out onto the ‘links’.

As thoughts turn to arranging games with our golfing pals on our home courses and playing ‘away’ from home, one of my favourites has always been Crail.

When we were kids, I was lucky to have played several times in Crail’s Under 16 Boys tournament for the J.G. Gay Trophy. Back in the day this was certainly one of our “Majors” and the best young budding champions came from near and far to compete. We travelled from Perthshire and always had a close rivalry with our counterparts from Fife.

In our last year of being able to play I recall with a degree of mirth the champion golfer was in fact a Perthshire lad called Jimmy Laing. Jimmy was one of those young lads who probably was given a razor for his 11th birthday as he always seemed to have a 12 o’clock shadow. With his long hair he looked more like he should have been a roadie for Black Sabbath rather than playing in an under 15 boys golf event!

It was hard not to smile when young Jimmy went up to receive the trophy as some of the local members were heard to mutter “there’s no bleep way that guy is only 15!”

Friendly banter indeed and these were the beginnings of a long association with my golfing pals from the Perth area who loved every year around this time to head from the wonderful links at Crail.

A few years later and I am still planning a round at Crail with golfing buddies to get our season going.

Over the years when I was running Morton Golf I was delighted to send many of our clients to play golf at Crail as they loved the golf course and the welcome provided by both the team and members at this famous old club. And when we booked caddies for our clients we always received great feedback as the caddying role was carried out by members who not only provided all of the normal information but in addition recounted an abundance of stories about the club and golfers who have played on these wonderful links over the years.

We will forever be delighted to recommend the links at the Crail Golfing Society to friends and clients alike.

In addition to golf the area near to Crail has an abundance of things to see and do. A few examples would be to walk the Fife Coastal Path, visit the St Andrews Cheese Company for a tour and a coffee, experience part World War Two history by visiting the Secret Bunker or see some of our rich natural history by taking the Isle of May Boat Trip.

Peter Craigon